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James Dean knew it. Steve Jobs knew it. Hey, even Pamela Anderson knew it. A simple clean-cut t-shirt always looks good. And Yunit's t-shirts are amazing. Ethical brand Yunit is one of our brands from The Netherlands with a classic collection of basics that you will use for years. You can choose from different timeless colours like grey, black and white. The t-shirts have a great fit thanks to turned side seams and a diagonal direction of the fabric. Alongside their t-shirts Yunit also has great sweaters, tops and a dress in their collection. The whole collection is unisex, including the dress...for male daredevils.

Yunit: "We make clothes for people. All the people. Not just for people with 31K followers on Instagram, or people who browse the red carpet on a weekly basis. No, we make clothes for people who forget to water their plants. People who get the best ideas in the shower. People with funny dreams. People who miss their bus stop because they daydream about distant places. People like you." 

Ecological fashion

Yunit is the only brand sold at MaeSue.com that does not use 100% ecological materials. We want to be honest about this and leave the choice up to you. Yunit uses small quantities of polyester and elastane to create a softer and more flexible product. However most of the materials Yunit use are sustainable. The main material used is organic cotton, but they also use organic linen, Tencel and Lyocel. As well as choosing mostly sustainable materials, Yunit cares about using a sustainable way of transporting and packaging their collection. They have chosen Turkey to produce the collection so their products can be sent from the producer by land. Yunit does not use plastic packaging and uses recycled cardboard as much as possible.

Ethical brand

The little workshops where the Yunit collection is produced have been selected with care by Josine and Joeri, Yunit's owners. They are all small workshops with a high-standard of care for their employees. The workers earn a fair wage and their children can go to school. Yunit's collection is produced in Turkey.

yunit ethical brand

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