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8 tips for a successful clothing swap party

8 tips for a successful clothing swap party

Clothing swaps are amazing. You get rid of clothes that you don't like anymore, and in return, you get some new clothes! And it is so much fun as well. It is a good way to shop sustainble

It is not hard to organise a clothing swap. Get a friend to help you and start with these 8 tips. These tips help to make your clothing swap a great success.

1. Good location

Deciding on the location is one of the first things to do. Will it be at someones home? In a room at work or at school? Or in a café? Choose a location that is easily reachable for everyone. And keep in mind the number of people that you expect to come when you choose the place.

2. Clear rules

Make some clear rules that you communicate beforehand. How does the swapping work? I like to work with a point system. A t-shirt gets 1 point for example, while an expensive jacket gets 5 points. You can use these points to shop.

Other rules to make:

- How many items can you bring?

- Bring clean clothes in a good state

- Can you bring lingerie, pyjamas, men/children's clothes, jewellery, shoes or bags? 

- Is there an entree price?

- How is the room organised? Per category, or by colour for example? 

3. Drinks and snacks

A party isn't a party without drinks and snacks. Think if you want to offer this, how much they will cost and create a separate area where people can enjoy the drinks and snacks so the clothes won't get dirty.

4. Communicate

Once you've found the location and you've set out the rules it is time to invite people to the party. Spread the word on social media, with posters or for example on websites like Meetup.com.

5. Get help

At a clothing swap, there are many clothes to be checked, to be hung up and to be checked out when people are leaving. You can't do this on your own, so ask some friends for help. 

6. What to do with left clothes?

It never happens that all the clothes will be taken. What will you do with the leftovers? Do you save them for the next clothing swap? Or do you donate them to charity? 

7. Create an atmosphere

Create a festive atmosphere with decoration like balloons, flowers or posters. Put on some music and the swap party can start!

8. Don't forget 

A few last reminders. Don't forget:

- mirrors

- rails and hangers

- bags to put the clothes in

- the point system

- to have fun!

These 8 tips for a successful clothing swap party will help you organise an unfortgetable clothing swap party. I hope it will be a huge succes and that everyone will find some “new” pieces of clothing. 

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