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9 Dutch sustainable fashion blogs to follow

9 Dutch sustainable fashion blogs to follow

More and more people want to start a more sustainable life. Which also includes making sustainable choices when it comes to fashion. They do not always know how to best approach this and what is truly sustainable or where to find it. As soon as you dive into the fair fashion world, everything often comes at you at once and it becomes difficult to remain focused. Do you recognize this?  We have put together a list of sustainable fashion blogs that help you on your way.

Every blog has a unique story with the same purpose; make us more aware of the fast fashion industry. Knowing where our clothing comes from, how it is made and what materials are important, but in addition to fair fashion, they also strive for stylish looks. They are full of tips and tricks and style advice! 


Mumster is not necessarily a blog, rather a fashion movement, and platform founded by Chanel Trapman, but is definitely worth a mention. 

Mumster brings people together and inspires them to take positive action in the fashion industry through creativity. They want to shake us awake and show that the entire fast fashion industry is failing in so many aspects. As a result, the Mumster team is always looking for sustainable fashion alternatives and initiatives and they are setting a good example, not only for us but also the fashion world that everything can be done differently. 

Chanel Trapman recently released the documentary "Taking Justice", which focuses on the sustainable clothing brand J-Lab3l, founded by former lawyers Janneke Honings and Judith van der Wolde. In the documentairy they tell their story and show their entire business journey. Worth a look!

Follow Chanel Trapman on Instagram! @ccchanellll 

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When Sara Smiles 

Sara, a super nice and motivated lady with a personal and honest blog that likes to show us how we can make our wardrobe and everyday life more sustainable. 

With each blogpost at When Sara Smiles Sara shows how and why you can better let go of the fast fashion industry and shares informative facts about everything that has to do with the sustainable fashion. Sara is always up to date on the latest fashion trends, developments and best fair fashion brands. With a stylish sense of fashion, she has built an inspiring platform that makes us all aware of where and what we consume. She is one of the most popular fair fashion blogs at the moment! Well done Sara (: 

Follow Sara on Instagram! @when_sara_smiles 

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My Slow world 

Alexandra takes us into her world at My Slow World and that of the sustainable fashion. With her honest, sincere and motivating attitude she shares tips and tricks, she introduces various slow fashion brands and brings us a bit closer to a conscious choice. In addition to the love for clothing, she also gives us a wonderful dose of lifestyle and beauty. This girl has got it all! 

Follow Alexandra on Instagram: @myslowworld  

Let's talk slow 

With a history at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute, Stephanie was introduced to the important aspects of sustainable fashion. Continuously she realized how important this truly is and she started to dig deeper and learn about fair fashion. And thus, her blog Lets Talk Slow! It reflects everything she has come to know and has discovered and loves to inspire us ... With success! Stylish clothing advice, ideas and informative content will take you a big step in the right direction. 

Follow Stephanie on Instagram! @letstalkslow 

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A sustainable mess 

Alisson Simmonds, the beautiful face behind A sustainable Mess is mother, coach and blogger about sustainable living. She is very open and honest about how conscious life works for her, she shares tips from experience and also shows us the less easy side. Alisson is certainly not a sustainable mess, she is doing very well and is, therefore, an ideal example for all of us. Besides, it is super accessible and fun to read. 

Follow Alisson on Instagram! @alisson_simmonds 

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Kouwe Kleren

Hermien manages to bring 100% honest fashion brands on the table and records everything so that we also benefit from it! This cheerful lady with a zero-waste attitude has taken us with her from day one on a search for sustainable fashion brands and how she transformed from bargain hunter to mindful consumer. 

And this doesn't just stop with clothes! Her blog Kouwe Kleren is about everything: food, products, lifestyle and the right mindset. Keep it up Hermien! 

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Fair Friday 

The two nice ladies, Anne and Elrike are determined to find a balance between seriousness and enjoyment. This means that in addition to fair trade and conscious fashion, it must also be fun and stylish. They make sure that the prejudicial image of sustainable clothing (thus ugly or “for hippies only”) disappears. Slow fashion has undergone a tremendous transformation over the years, there are now brands that are accessible to everyone and that suitable in every taste Fair Friday makes us open our eyes! 

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Chantoile (aka Chantal Braam) believes in a better world because of course there is. With her inspiring blog about slow and sustainable fashion, she knows how to make every visitor aware of alternatives within the fashion industry. She gives styling tips and shares everything about the fair fashion world as to how experiences it. This makes it easy to understand and adopt. In 2018 her online webshop "The Blind Spot" went online where she offers accessible and sophisticated sustainable fashion for men and women, accessories and lifestyle products! 

Follow Chantoile on Instagram! @ chantoile.nl 

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Good For 

Good for, founded by the Lindsey and Romy sisters, is THE place where you can find everything about a sustainable lifestyle. You can read extensively about sustainable clothing and styling, vegan food and fair beauty products. With an great eye for style, they are a remarkable source of inspiration to lead more people on a sustainable path. 

Follow Lindsey on Instagram: @lindseygoodfor 

Of course, there are many more worthy blogs and a sustainable life does not end with conscious clothing. That is why here are some nice names that focus on a better life for people and the environment: 


Die konsumentin

Soul stores 

Be your own muse 


Are you not so much a blog reader but do you like a bunch of inspiration? Here are some instagram influencers within the sustainable fashion niche!  






 X Joyce


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