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Common prejudices about ethical and sustainable fashion

You follow current events right? So you know all about ethical and sustainable fashion (Psst…if not read this!). You’ve read some of the statistics and you understand the problem. How many ethical and sustainable fashion brands do you buy from? Could it be (no judgement!) that you’re harbouring some unfair prejudices about ethical and sustainable fashion?

Prejudice #1. Ethical fashion is very expensive

Mae Sue has products priced between €30,- and €105,-. Compared to some of the very cheap high street brands, that may seem expensive. But think about how those big companies keep their prices so low. They do that by paying very little to their workers, by choosing low quality fabrics and choosing quick, highly chemical methods that have terrible consequences on the environment and on ourselves. Be honest with yourself now… a t-shirt sold for €15…there’s no way they paid a good salary to the  garment worker right? The small extra cost that you pay for ethical and sustainable fashion brings huge rewards for our environment and our global community. 

Prejudice #2. Ethical fashion is not stylish

When you think of ethical fashion….do you still think of shapeless cotton   trousers and sack dresses?  Ethical and sustainable sure… but NOT stylish. WEll my friends, I have to tell you that you have not been paying enough attention. Because now, after decades of hard work from some very chic early pioneers of ethical fashion, there are some very cool ethical and sustainable brands. Like euh… ALL of the brands on Mae Sue obvs! 

Prejudice #3. Ethical fashion is not that ethical

There are a lot of brands, including big mainstream brands, that mention the words ‘ethical’ or ‘fairtrade’. How can you know which ones are really worth investing in?

On Mae Sue we provide all of the information you need about each brand to make good decisions. You can take the time to read through how they source their fabrics, how they make their clothes, and how they protect their workers. Not all ethical brands have the money or logistics to cover all of the important issues- some focus first on organic fabric, some on fairtrade practices- but all of the brands on Mae Sue are working really hard to improve the fashion industry and to improve their own business. 

Prejudice #4. There is no ethical fashion for men

This is no longer true! Yeah, it used to be much harder to find ethical fashion for men, just like it used to much harder to find ethical underwear and bags but NOW… Thanks to incredible designers, activists and entrepreneurs there are amazing brands that sell ethical products for every style and occasion. Including men! We may support #Metoo but we’re also all about the inclusion rider ; ) Have a look at our great men’s section here.

So be honest, were you holding onto some unfair ideas about ethical fashion? STILL not sure? You better go check out these new items here and come back. We’ll wait… So you’re gonna buy from ethical brands now right?

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