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Documentaries about the fashion industry

The documentary The True Cost was one of the reasons why I started Mae Sue. In this documentary, you can see the harsh truth that lies behind the cheap items of clothing in many clothing stores. Have you not seen the True Cost yet? I definitely recommend it! But there are also many other interesting documentaries that show the truth about the current fast fashion industry. They are not only sad. Many of the documentaries also show new alternatives and motivate you to shop more consciously.

Documentaries about the fashion industry

Fashion Victims

This documentary is about the Rhana Plaza disaster and life in Bangladesh after the disaster. A shocking story about the price paid for cheap clothing. You can view Fashion Victims directly on YouTube.

documentaries fashion industry

The True Cost

The most famous documentary about the nasty sides of the fashion industry is The True Cost. The documentary shows all different sides of the fashion industry. The documentary is directed by Andrew Morgan who was inspired to make a documentary about the fast fashion industry after the Rhana Plaza disaster. He shows that most of our clothing is made in developing countries for the lowest possible price. With nasty consequences. The clothing is made in terrible conditions for very low salaries. But the True Cost also shows another side, there are interviews with Stella McCartney and Safia Minney, founder of the honest fashion brand People Tree. A real eye-opener! For sale here or on Netflix.

A positive chain of change

This Dutch documentary with Englisch subtitles is about both fast fashion and the sustainable alternatives that are being set up in the Netherlands. It shows all the positive changes. Very inspiring! Watch it on Youtube.

sweatshop docu


This is a Norwegian reality TV series that can be seen with English subtitles. In the series, three young people go to Cambodia, where they come face to face with the living and working conditions of employees in the clothing industry.


This is a lighter movie that is fun to watch! Unravel is a nice light-hearted documentary about a recycling plant in India. Yes, the clothing that we throw away is not always reused and even shipped to India because it is cheaper to have it recycled there. Weird isn't it? Anyway, this is a cheerful documentary. You see the women who work in this factory and who fantasize about who the Western women were who wore the clothes. They laugh out loud because of all the bizarre items of clothing that come in. The short docu is very nice to see!

minimalism docu


This documentary is not just about fashion, but about the over-the-top materialistic world, we live in. It shows how much we buy. The filmmakers take a completely different approach and now maintain a minimalist lifestyle. It is an inspiration, even if you don't want to live as a minimalist. It teaches you to appreciate the things you have more and teaches you to make better choices. You can also apply this to the clothes you have and buy? Watch the docu on Netflix.

river blue docu

River blue

River Blue takes you around the world to discover the dirty secret behind the production of clothing. Through rigorous chemical production processes and the irresponsible disposal of toxic chemical waste, one of our favourite iconic products, blue jeans are destroying rivers worldwide. This award-winning story reveals stunning and shocking images that really change the way you look at what you wear. 

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