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Fair fashion news of April | Fashion Revolution update

A lot has happened in the fashion industry the last month. It has been the Fashion Revolution week, which means that all over the world events have taken place to inform about the unethical and unsustainable sides of fast fashion but also to show that there are different ways possible. Maybe you have been to a talk, a clothing swap or did you make your first purchase of ethical and sustainable clothing? 

I think it is great to see that more and more people are aware that "clothes don't grow on trees" as someone said to me a few weeks ago. There are many different processes needed to create one piece of clothing and many people are involved. I see that more and more people are interested in clean fashion, made of sustainable materials and according to fair trade practises. This is great! This are a few articles that caught my eye this month:  

fashion revolution

Free online course of Fashion Revolution 

Fashion Revolution has developed a free online course for anyone wishing to learn more about the fashion industry’s impact on people and planet, what the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are, and how they are intrinsically linked. The course starts in June 2019.  I have subscribed myself. Do you join? Sign up here. 

Searches for sustainable fashion have increased by 66% 

A huge increase of searches for sustainable fashion in 2018. Whoohoo, this is great news! Can you image, maybe in only 10 years from now, we wear less but better clothes. What do you think? Can we do it?

Thinking Mu's Trash collection

Thinking Mu likes to try out different and new eco-friendly materials for their clothing. They already have a great hemp collection, but their new Trash collection is another step forward. Check the video to learn more.

slow fashion china

Slow fashion in China

In the west things are slowly changing and customers expect more sustainable and ethical clothing. According to this article, the same is happening in China, the country that last year China became the biggest fashion market in the world! Isn't that incredible? Chinese fashion brands are interested in sustainable materials and Chinese millennials are even more concerned than millennials in the western part of the world. Linda Wegelin, director of development of the Testex certification body explains it this way: "If the Chinese are so sensitive to these issues, it's because consumers, especially in big cities, are seeing the impacts, with these clouds of pollution that we know. This is not theoretical, for them, they have the experience." Read more.

Fast fashion brands start to change

This month has been all about the faults of fast fashion, and in the same month, many brands came with news about how they will change. This shows how the Fashion Revolution has influence and how you as a consumer has an influence. Sometimes you may think, what does it matter what I do, there are so many people who are not changing. This is an example of why. There is this great quote by Margaret Mead: "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has. " Keep that in mind ;)

So what is happening? Well:

These are great steps in the right direction. None of the brands are there yet, for most of them they only focus on sustainability or ethical production. And mostly it is only a special collection. Will it be possible for fast fashion brands to totally change the way they work and to choose for humanity and the environment above profit?

Luckily there are many great slow fashion brands that care a lot about the workers in the production chain and that only use ecological materials. Thinking Mu is a good example, check the other ethical brands here. 

Source images: Fashionrevolution.org and Fashionnetwork.com

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