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Green guide to Montpellier

Mae Sue is based in the sunny French town of Montpellier. I, Linda, live here for two years now. And I'm happy to share all my tips with you in this green guide to Montpellier. 

Food & Drinks

Oke, let's start with the most important subject for when you are on a holiday. Food and drinks! Because all you have to worry about all day long is where to eat and if you go for a glass of white wine or a refreshing local beer. Montpellier is a very alive town full of restaurants and bars. There are many places that are eco-friendly and very cool too. These are my favourites:

Bonobo Montpellier


Bonobo is a very cosy café where they serve organic coffee, great tea, organic cider and local beers. It's a perfect spot for breakfast, brunch, lunch or just a quick coffee break. They have vegan and vegetarian options as well! Like the Bravocado sandwich and the Buddha Burger. The staff is very friendly and speaks English. You can’t go wrong with Bonobo. 46 rue Saint Guilhem

Vegan Montpellier


Another cosy spot in the middle of a shopping street. Mezzanine has a bohemian and cosy feeling. They serve nice teas and welcome you for lunch and dinner (dinner on Fridays and Saturdays). They have only vegan or vegetarian options. And, as you might have guessed, Mezzanine has a.. mezzanine! A great spot where you can enjoy your drink on a comfy couch. 39 Rue de l'Aiguillerie

Joy Healthyfood Montpellier

Joy Healthyfood

An Instagram worthy café/yoga room with lots of beautiful dishes and drinks like amazing cakes, lunch bowls and pancakes. All the dishes at Joy are vegetarian and there are vegan and gluten-free options. On Sunday it's very popular for brunch, don't forget to book! 55 Rue Estelle

Greenlab falafel Montpellier


Low on budget, in the mood for something fried, very hungry or all three of these? Then Greenlab is the place to go! This little falafel bar serves the best falafel of Montpellier. Choose a pita for only €6,- or go for a beautiful plate. My favourite is the Silver Green with tahini pesto and goat cheese. Oh, and the sweet potato fries are amazing too. 2 Rue d'Université

Jardino Montpellier restaurant


Fancy dining in a cute French restaurant? Then Jardino is the place to be!  They call themselves the local cantine. They use local products and products of the season. There is also always a vegetarian option. The menu changes every time, just walk by to check it out. A three-course dinner is only €18,-. ( They are also our neighbours :) ) 9 Rue du Puits du temple 


Montpellier is full of little streets with cute boutiques and small shops. It's very nice to stroll around town and check out all the shops. These are the eco-friendly shops in Montpellier.

Pop Up Shop Montpellier (Apri-June)

I open another Mae Sue pop up shop in Montpellier ( France ). This time from the beginning of April until mid-June. You are more than welcome to visit! It's at 1 Boulevard du Jeu de Paume.


Ekyog is a French ethical fashion brand. Chic organic fashion for women. You find this shop in one of the fanciest street in the centre. They have beautiful dressed and comfy jeans. 20 Rue de l'Argenterie


Yes, MaeSue.com is based in Montpellier! You can’t come to shop unfortunately but you can always shop online and pick up the clothes for free. At MaeSue.com I sell ethical and sustainable clothes for men and women. The collection exists out of 8 different young and hip brands. Go and check it out! 1 Rue des Teissiers


Second-hand shops

Buying second hand is another way to shop consciously. Unfortunately, in Montpellier, the offer of second-hand shops is low compared to The Netherlands or the UK, but there are still a few nice shops! Go to Rue d’Universite and you’ll soon find a few cool shops. Another new one is La Boutique des Ateliers on 16 avenue G. Clemenceau ( only open on afternoons during the week).

Organic supermarkets

Fancy a snack or want to cook tonight? Then there are lots of organic supermarkets in Montpellier. These ones are in the centre:

La Vie Saine: 31 rue Caizergues de Pradines 

Rayon Verts: 15 Passage de l'Horloge

Naturalia: 14 Rue du Faubourg de la Saunerie

Things to do in Montpellier

Next to eating, drinking and shopping there are many other things to do in Montpellier. This are a few eco-friendly ideas:

Rent a bike Montpellier

Cycle to the beach

Montpellier is not too far from the beach and it is nice to cycle along the river the Lez to the beach. That swim in the sea will be even more fulfilling! All around town, there are the Vélomagg bycicles that you can rent for a low price. 

Marché Les Arceaux

Marché Les Arceaux takes place under the aquaduct behind the La Promenade du Peyrou. Every Tuesday and Saturday morning you can find lot’s of local products here! It's fun to shop for a picknick and eat it afterwards in the park.

Look for street art

Walking around town is one of the best things to do in this beautiful city. To make it even more fun you can keep an eye out for street art. There are quite a few artists that decorate Montpellier with their street art. Mr BMX is probably the most famous one. He fixes parts of bicycles to the wall. Great to see! 

Sustainable travelling guide

And there is more..

There are many more great green places to discover in Montpellier. Voyagir.org is a great website to find responsable places all around the world! They are based in Montpellier and of course they have collected all the best eco friendly places in Montpellier. 

Have fun! 

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