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Mae Sue becomes a sustainable clothing store in the Netherlands

Maybe you have noticed it, maybe not at all, but lately, it has been quiet around Mae Sue. Why? Because Mae Sue is still run by just me and my life has been a bit upside down in recent weeks. Things have happened why I have moved from France back to my native country The Netherlands. That’s why it has been quiet because a lot of things had to be arranged after my holiday.

I am now more or less settled in The Hague and the new fall/winter collection is mostly online!

What changed?  

MaeSue.com remains online in Dutch, English and French. The shipping costs have changed, these have become more expensive for deliveries to France and cheaper for deliveries in the Netherlands. There will also no longer be a chance of a pop-up shop in Montpellier. This is all very unfortunate and at the same time, I am very happy to be able to reach out to everyone in the Netherlands in an easier way. Nothing else changes. MaeSue.com remains a sustainable online store with sustainable clothing for men and women. Only now based in the Netherlands.  

New collection sustainable clothing

My apologies for the silent weeks. I hope you understand it and that you are just as excited about the new collection as I am! Because after sunny Montpellier I really feel like new winterclothes here in the rainy autumn in The Hague. ;)  

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