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Sustainable fashion stores in The Hague

Sustainable fashion in The Hague

The Hague is a pleasant shopping city. In the center, you will find all the big famous chains, in the Zeeheldenkwartier and in the Hofkwartier charming boutiques and second-hand clothing stores and also the 'Fred', as the Frederik Hendriklaan is affectionately called, is a lively street with nice shops! But can you also find sustainable fashion in The Hague? Absolutely! These are my tips for sustainable clothing stores in the royal city. Also, did you know that you can order clothes on MaeSue.com and pick them up for free in The Hague? This is only possible by appointment.

Stores with sustainable fashion

Art en Casey

Website: Art en Casey

In this store, you will find colorful and quirky clothing. Various sustainable clothing brands are sold such as Komodo, Skunk Funk, and People Tree. Not everything is sustainable, so always check the label or ask for advice. The style is colorful and cheerful.

Korte Poten 36


Website: Wwen

At Wwen they also like color and cheerful prints. Clothing for men and women is sold in this cheerful store. There are both well-known brands such as People Tree and Skunk Funk, but also much less well-known brands. Here too, not everything is sustainable. Ask for advice or check the label.

Prinsestraat 70

Michael Barnaart

Website: Michael Barnaart

Tricot dresses and scarves that seem to come from the 50s and 60s. That is the unique brand of Michael Barnaart. Made in a traditional Dutch knitting workshop made from fairtrade cotton and acrylic. The production is done in an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly way.

Papestraat 1b

Kledingbibliotheek in Den Haag

Bij Priester

Website: Bij Priester

At Priester is a really cool clothing library. Because buying less, but always wearing something new, we all want that, right? At Bij Priester you can rent clothing. A subscription starts at € 20 per month, whereby you can rent one item of clothing at a time. The collection consists of clothing from The Hague and Dutch designers. Do you like the garment a lot? Then you can buy it with a discount. Great concept right? Also good to know, you can have leather bags and other leather accessories repaired here.

Second-hand clothing in The Hague

When it comes to new sustainable fashion, there is not yet a lot of choice in The Hague. But there are already many nice stores where you can buy second-hand clothing. Very sustainable and very stylish, and it is a bit of treasure to look for.

Little Green Shop

Website: Little Green Shop

Little Green Shop can be called an urban jungle. In this store you will find not only the most beautiful plants but also many vintage treasures. Both fine furniture for at home and second-hand clothing. Because the clothing has been carefully selected, there are real gems. Every time you can find something new here. All plants are also for sale so that you can also create an urban jungle yourself.

Prins Hendrikstraat 103

Reshare Store

Website: Reshare Store

The Reshare Store is a second-hand clothing store from the Salvation Army. Everything is neatly sorted here and the prices are low. Very useful if you are specifically looking for something. The store is not far from the center.

Paviljoensgracht 35

Ilka Vintage

Website: Ilka Vintage & Second Hand

At Ilka Vintage you can bring your clothing. The store only focuses on the more expensive brands. That means that you can find beautiful things there! Such as a Burberry jacket or a suit by Ralph Lauren. And that for a low price.

Sumatrastraat 160

Zusjes  vintage boetiek

Website: Zusjes vintage boetiek

This attractive vintage store is run by two sisters. With a nice selection of vintage clothing and accessories. Everything has been carefully selected by the sisters. A nice place for special vintage finds.

Boekhorststraat 93

Spooky and Sue

Website: Spooky & Sue

On the corner of the Conradkade you will find this beautiful store with a selection of second-hand clothing for women. But not only that, there are also beautiful furniture and accessories. It is possible to bring your clothing here, of which you will receive part of the proceeds when it is sold.

Conradkade 34

Second Best

Website: Second Best - Selected Treasures

Another great second-hand clothing store! At Second Best you will find second-hand clothing for women, men, and children. Beautiful quality clothing that has been selected with care. Here too you can bring clothing for sale in consignment.

Korte Molenstraat 7

Pakkie deftig

Website: Pakkie Deftig

Pakkie Deftig is a second-hand clothing store from the Kessler Foundation. The store is run by people with a distance to the labor market and volunteers. Everything is neatly selected and the prices are low. Very nice to find something new here.

De la Reyweg 530

All Labels

Website: All labels

And it doesn't stop! Another nice second-hand store is All Labels. This store mainly receives donations and therefore the prices are low. You can find clothes from all kinds of brands here. You have to search a bit to find something nice, but there are certainly nice things in between.

Stationsweg 55 

Secondhand Rose

Website: Secondhand Rose

Secondhand Rose is a chic second-hand store that focuses on more expensive brands such as Burberry, Chanel and Gucci. With a nice selection of women's and men's clothing. You can also bring your clothing here. 60% of the proceeds from sales are for you!Mauritskade 69


Website: Episode

Episode is a well-known chain of vintage clothing stores. There is also an Episode in The Hague, close to various other stores mentioned above at Molenstraat 39. Everything is neatly sorted here and you can find second-hand fashion that is just hip. Consider Levi shorts and colorful shirts from the 80s.

Molenstraat 39

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