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What is the best? Shopping in town or online?

What is the best? Shopping in town or online?

You can do almost anything online nowadays. Booking a restaurant, sending a message, watching a movie, you name it! A lot of people also shop for clothes online. But at the same time, there is a big group that prefers to buy clothes "offline" in a shop in town.  Are there more advantages or disadvantages to online shopping? This is what we will try to discover together today. I invite you to tell me your point of view in a comment. What is your preference and why?

Shopping clothes in town

The oldfashioned way to shop for new clothes is to go to your favourite store in your town. Here you will be able to try, touch and see the clothes you possibly want to buy.  Besides that, you also have the personalized advice of the seller. People find it a pleasure of being able to discuss the clothing with the seller and also enjoy it when they can come back multiple times and get to know the people working in a local business. 

Nevertheless, you will need to move. You will need to drive, walk, cycle, or take public transport to the store. You will possibly need to park your vehicle and most ways of transport generate a certain cost and a waste of time. Once arrived, you need to be lucky to find what you have in mind. In a store, there is often less stock than online. The perfect item can be no longer available in the size or colour you are looking for.  You also need to be there at a certain time. Most clothing stores are only open in the daytime. So shopping in your local store has advantages, but also disadvantages.

Shop clothes online

What about the world wide web? Online there are no opening hours, sites are accessible 24/7. This way you can shop quickly, without leaving home, whatever the time of day. And whatever the country of your purchase as long as the online store delivers by your home. This also allows you to support small creators, you have known through social networks for example. You have a much larger choice and there is no need to leave the house for it.

But also online shopping has disadvantages. You will need to pay shipping costs on top of the price for the clothing. You will also have to wait to receive your package, it takes time to validate and then send an order. It may be that it arrives incomplete or with errors of preparation, the error is human (or sometimes robotic!). Add to this the possible return fee that is not always free. Not to mention the total absence of human contact.

Should we necessarily be for one or the other?

Often now, the stores you find in town have their own online stores, leaving you the choice to shop online or in their store. There are also small online shops that manage to open pop-up shops, like your online store Mae Sue for example. With the help of a crowdfunding campaign during the summer of 2018, a pop-up shop could be opened in November and December of 2018. And thanks to that, from the 3th of April 2019 you will be able to find another Mae Sue pop up shop for two months in Montpellier! All the clothes that you can find online will be presented in the shop with the addition of the French brands Aatise, On Ze Corner, Pop Line Lingerie and Lunel Vintage.

So tell us in a comment, do you prefer shopping in town or shopping online?

Written by Marie Mazars of Meeriwild.com

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