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Why we don't have sales

Why we don't have sales

It is still sales in France at the moment. During six weeks you can buy many products with 20, 50 or even up to 70 per cent discount. It is super busy in the shopping centres and everyone talks about what they have scored in sales, or what they are going to buy. But MaeSue.com doesn't have sales. Why not?

The sales and fast fashion

Sales have been around for years and are being used by retailers to get rid of a stock that sells less good. Totally fine, but the sales has become a major marketing machine for the fast fashion industry. With large red posters with discounts on it you are led inside. It makes you want to buy clothes as cheap as possible. Whether you need something or not, you will certainly become greedy. I know the feeling. ;) And the retailers know that too well! With the sales, buying has now become buying things just to buy things. Not always because you need it.

1. MaeSue.com does not follow the fast trends

Every month there is something new that is trendy. To be able to follow all the trends and to always look according to the latest fashion, it is necessary to keep on adding new clothes to your wardrobe. But why? Because why is what you like now in a few months no longer pretty enough?

These fast trends are part of the fast fashion industry. That is why we don't participate to this. Because we don't follow the fast trends, but sell good basics and nice garments that you can enjoy for years. Much better for the environment! And that way we don't have to be part of strange things like this.

Instead of following the quick trends and always having the idea that you need something new again, it is much more fun to create your own style. Whether that is very minimalistic, with a lot of colors or for example a mix n 'match of all kinds of styles. On MaeSue.com you can buy timeless clothing with which you can create this specific style. We don't follow the fast trends but offer you clothes that you can use for a long time. That's why we don't have sales, because we do not have to get rid of our stock that is no longer in fashion.

2. Sales are not sustainable

"I do not need it, but it is so cheap!" A quote that you might recognize? I have tought it many times.. ;) It's buying to buy and buying because the price is so low. But isn't there already enough stuff in the world? The sales is not sustainable. That's another reason why we don't have sales. 

3. Buy what you really like

During the sale you tend to buy clothing that you don't even like very much. Because if you really like a piece of clothing, then you would have paid the normal price for it, right? We often buy something just to have something new, because that feels good. But at Mae Sue we prefer you to buy clothes that you really like and that will be worn for years.

At Mae Sue we, therefore, choose to sell fewer pieces of clothing per month than the fast fashion brands. Knowing that the clothes we sell are loved and worn , so they didn't cost unnecessary energy and resources.

4. We offer a fair affordable price

At Maesue.com we offer sustainable and fair trade clothing at a relative low price compared to other fair fashion stores. In addition, we have low shipping costs, the shipping costs above € 100, - are free and when you register for our newsletter you get a discount code for 10% discount. Sometimes we also issue a different discount code in our newsletter, just to thank you as customers! :)

Other alternatives

You don't have the budget to buy clothes at MaeSue.com or at other sustainable stores? Then you can always go shopping at a second-hand store or participate in a clothes exchange. These are other fun ways to find sustainable clothing. And after a few months of saving you might have money for that item that you really like.

What do you think? Are we to harsh in saying that there are no sales? Or do these points make sense to you? 

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