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Bloi is one of the Spanish sustainable brands sold on MaeSue.com. We are big fans of this pretty brand. Bloi's style is feminine, modern and original. Beautiful and classic items that you can wear for years. Bloi is based in sunny Barcelona, where both the design and the production takes place.

The woman behind Bloi is Núria Ballana, who designs the clothes in her shop in Barcelona. She wants to make ecological and sustainable fashion more accessible. "Things can be done in a different way."

Núria Ballana: "At Bloi, we believe that it is possible to sell clothes to the entire world without jeopardizing the people or the environment."

Sustainable brand

All of Bloi's clothes are made of certified ecological materials. Most of the collection is made of GOTS organic cotton and Ecotex linen, and they also use other ecological materials like recycled denim, wool and Tencel as well.

Fair fashion

All the people involved in the creation of Bloi's clothes work under fair labour practices. The collection is created in a social workplace in Barcelona by women work who have had difficulty finding regular work. The other part of the production takes place just outside Barcelona in a workplace where women have been working in the clothing industry for years.

Bloi ethical fashion

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