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  • Material: Recycled cotton & recycled polyester
  • Values: Vegan

Our collection of ethical men's clothing

The ethical men's clothing collection on MaeSue.com is a mix of various sustainable and fair trade brands. High-quality sustainable clothing that I have selected with care. Perfect basics and unique items! From a unique statement t-shirt to crisp stylish chinos. I offer different styles and sizes for everyone. Do you miss something in the collection? Let me know!


Different ethical brands

At MaeSue.com I have selected different ethical brands. They are all brands that produce their clothes in a fair and ecological way. For that reason you can be sure that the ethical men's clothing on MaeSue.com is all sustainable. The different brands that I offer at the moment are BloiDedicatedThinking MuUltra TeeKnow The OriginYunit and Näz


Choose from different ecological items

I offer you a range of different ecological items. There are cool t-shirts, fancy shirtscomfy trousers and nice and warm sweaters. Our collection changes two times a year and I offer you high-quality clothes with which you can create your own style.


What is sustainable fashion?

There are many ways to explain sustainable fashion. My conditions for the clothes that I sell on Maeue.com are that the clothes are made of ecological and sustainable materials and that the production takes place in a fair trade way. I want to make sure that the clothes have the least impact on the environment as possible and that the people involved in the proces have been paid a fair price and work in a save environment.

There are different ecological materials. The ethical men's clothing we sell on MaeSue.com is made of organic hemporganic cottonModalEcotex linen and recovered fabrics. In some of the clothes, there is a small percentage of synthetic materials. These are often added to give the fabric strength or to make it more flexible. You can always read more about the fabrics used on the product page of the piece of clothing.