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Know The Origin

Know The Origin (KTO) is a fair trade brand with their heart in the right place. The founder of KTO is Charlotte. At the end of her studies she went to Bangladesh and India where she witnessed for herself how the fashion industry works. She also realised what could be improved. When she got back home she created KTO to show that things can be done differently. The style of KTO is minimalistic, stylish and hip. Perfect basics, mostly in black, but also some colourful t-shirts and tops.

Charlotte from Know the Origin: ”The factories we rely on aren’t just full of machines. They are full of people. People with families, histories and futures that have been overlooked by fashion for too long.”

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Sustainable fashion

The concious production of sustainably made clothes starts for KTO with the design process. KTO makes clean cut, straightforward clothes without unnecessary zippers or buttons. They take their time to find the perfect fit. Simple designs and comfortable, stylish clothes. This way their clothes will be worn and loved instead of thrown away like so many others.

Ecological fabrics

KTO is committed to having at least three quarters of the fabrics they use made out of 100% fair trade and organic materials. They mainly use GOTS cotton but also use leftover fabric and other ecological fabrics like Modal and Tencel.

Fair trade brand

KTO works with various partners in India, who are just as passionate and care just as much about the environment and their employees as KTO does. The producers work according to Fairtrade and Organic principles. This means that the employees are treated with respect, they earn fair wages and have the support that they need for their families. KTO has received acknowledgement for their efforts by being awarded 'Top Rated Ethical Fashion Brand'.

Know the Origin fairtrade brand

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