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Näz is a beautiful brand which offers fair trade and ecological clothing for women. The sustainable fashion designers behind this Portugese brand work hard to create a contemporary, minimalist style. They are inspired by the daily lives of modern women. Think natural colors and feminine looks. Stylish clothes with unique shapes.

Näz: "If you buy clothes from Näz, you actually vote for the world in which you want to live."


Sustainable fashion designers

Näz was born as a solution to the quest for a new way to produce clothes. That's why the fabrics that Naz works with have a low environmental footprint. The fabrics are almost all made in Portugal. Näz's goal is to create a company based on 100% local production. Näz works with different materials like leftover fabrics from Portugese textile companies, which they buy for a fair price. 

In addition, they use the ecological fabrics Cupro and Lyocell, which are also produced in Portugal. Both materials are Oekotex certified and have a closed production cycle. The supplier with whom Näz works recycles more than 50% of the water used in the factory. Näz is also innovative. Together with two local factories they have created a fabric made from recycled materials, that would otherwise have been thrown away.

Fair fashion

Näz' collection is produced in small Portuguese factories and in their own workshop. Näz works with local factories that have good working conditions. In this way, Näz can ensure that the employees work in an ethical environment. They also work closely with these factories to develop better, more sustainable products. 

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