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Our philosophy

Our goal

You may wonder why sell clothing when the clothing industry is already so big? Well, because I want to show that it can be done differently. Clothing can be made in a much less polluting way. From ecological materials that are less polluting to the environment. The factory employees are entitled to a fair salary and good treatment. By selling honest and sustainable fashion I hope to contribute to a change in the fashion industry. From "fast fashion" to "slow fashion".

"Good clothes, good karma"

Fair fashion

All brands we sell ensure that employees are treated with respect throughout the production process. They earn a fair salary, have a safe workplace, normal working hours and there is no question of child labor or forced labor. As it should be!

Some of the brands on MaeSue.com have a Fair Trade mark. Other brands work closely with small factories so that they can be sure that the factory operates in a fair way.

Sustainable fashion

Polluted rivers, employees breathing in toxic substances, greenhouse gases and so on .. bah! The clothing industry is very bad for the environment. Fortunately, it doesn't have to be this way. There are various ecological materials such as organic cotton, linen, hemp and Tencel, which have a much smaller effect on the environment. Each and every one of these are great quality materials. 

Quality over quantity

But the fashion industry can also be more sustainable in a different way. We are buying more and more clothing and often we prioritise quantity over quality. The clothing on MaeSue.com is more expensive than what you might find in a store on an average shopping street. But you get quality in exchange for the extra cost. You may be able to buy less clothing, but what you buy is honestly produced, sustainable and great quality. Beautiful clothing that is also good for your karma;) #goodclothesgoodkarma