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About Mae Sue

Hi, I'm Linda, the founder of MaeSue.com. Mae Sue is a sustainable and fair boutique. I work with various fair trade and eco fashion brands. All these European brands have the right attitude. The workers and the earth are their #1 priority. The result is fair trade clothing of excellent quality, which you can enjoy for years.

Fortunately there are more and more brands that realise that fast fashion is not the way to go. I have selected beautiful brands for MaeSue.com. Each brand has its own story. Some brands are produced in Europe while other brands operate by fair trade rules in traditional production countries. Read more about the Mae Sue philosophy here.

"Good clothes, good karma"


A few years ago I did not care at all about sustainability, I acted like a true fashionista. I bought several pieces of clothing a month, but I never had anything in my closet that I wanted to wear. New clothes always seemed better. But slowly I changed and I increasingly chose a more conscious lifestyle. During a long trip around the world, I saw with my own eyes how many people live with very few things. Then I really didn't understand why we always wanted more stuff. For a year and a half, I only wore the clothes that I could carry in my backpack. And I felt great! Once I've got back, I read a lot about the nasty sides of the fashion industry and wanted to be much more conscious about the clothing I buy."

But why sell clothing then?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that we all should stop buying clothes. But our habits can be different and better. Buy less, and of better quality. Buy clothes that you really wear. And buy clothes that are made in a fair way, from ecological materials. Mae Sue arose from my desire to buy more conscious clothing. I found it difficult to find beautiful sustainable and fair trade clothing. I want to make it easy for everyone to buy honest and sustainable clothing. 

A sustainable and fair boutique

Mae Sue works as sustainably as possible. We use green energy and all the promotion and shipping material is made from recycled or other ecological materials. I send your invoice by e-mail, to save paper I also try to give you a lot of information about the clothing. So that you can make a good choice. Do you have a question about an item? Let me know by e-mail, during the day I usually respond immediately.

Tips & comments

Are there any brands that you think are still missing on Mae Sue? Is your size not listed? Do you have a request for a specific item of clothing? Send me a message! Mae Sue is here for you :)