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Do you like Mae Sue and want to help promote MaeSue.com by earning money at the same time? And do you have a blog or your own website? Then become a Mae Sue affiliate! I work with the affiliate program Affilae

How to become a Mae Sue affiliate?

It is very easy to become a Mae Sue affiliate. You can subscribe yourself for free as an Affiliate publisher here. Once you've done that you can find Mae Sue's program here. Click on 'Apply for the program'. Once I have accepted your profile you get an affiliate link. You can use this link any way you like. For example in a blog post about sustainable fashion, linked to a banner on the front page of on your page with other affiliate links. It would be amazing if you could link with the anchor: 'sustainable fashion'. 

The affiliate program

With the Mae Sue affiliate program, you earn 10% of the sales every time someone buys something at MaeSue.com who visited the site by your affiliate link. The payout has a minimum of € 10,-. 

Images and information

If you need images or information, don't hesitate to contact me. I am happy to help.