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Jan 'n June

Jan 'n June is a sustainable fashion brand from Hamburg, Germany. The label is founded by Anna Bronowski and Juliana Holtzheimer who financed the start of the brand with crowdfunding. Their brand stands for fashionable, affordable and sustainable fashion. The name comes from the birth months of both founders. The style of Jan 'n June is classic and minimalistic.

Juliana: "Sustainability is the premise and foundation of our entire label and our materials are exclusively recycled or organically grown. The fast fashion industry has ruined the market with such cheap prices, but what is quite clear is that somewhere we are definitely paying the price for it.

You can find an Eco ID in every piece from Jan ‘n June clothing, which works just like a personal ID. It contains such information as who designed the garment, where the materials come from, when it was produced, and which resources have been recycled." Source


Sustainable fashion

Sustainable produced fashion of sustainable fabrics is one of the core goals of Jan 'n June. They like to use different types of materials in their collection, either all natural and organic or synthetic but recycled. They also pay attention to sustainability in their packaging and office supplies.

Sustainable fabrics

Jan 'n June uses many different sustainable fabrics. At Mae Sue I try to select only natural materials for clothing, as in my experience those are more pleasant to wear. They use textiles such as organic cotton, MicroModal and Tencel but also recycled cotton and linen.

Ethical fashion brand

All the production of the Jan 'n June collection takes place in Europe, in Wroclaw in Poland in a family-owned business. They visit the factory regularly to make sure they follow ethical production practises. They have made a contract with them that they can't pass on orders to third parties. This way they make sure that they know exactly where the clothes come from.

Sustainable fashion /// Ethical fashion /// Made in Europe