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Lavandara is a small independent Spanish clothing brand from the designer Monica Lavandera. The collection is modern and the designs are unique. Monica does not follow the fast trends and creates her own unique style that you can wear for years. The collection has original shapes and the Spanish designer plays with volume. A beautiful sustainable brand and one of the green clothing brands on MaeSue.com.

"Lavandera a fashion brand for collectors"


Green clothing brand

Lavanadera works according to a zero waste philosophy. Plastic and packaging materials are reused. Residual materials from the production are sent to companies that convert them to usable materials and pieces of fabric that remain are used in the next collection.

Limited edition

All garments from Lavandera have a serial number showing how many pieces have been made of this design. This makes the clothing real collector's items!

Sustainable fabrics

In the collection of Lavandera you will find mainly clothes made from upcycled and recycled fabrics, but also from GOTS cotton and other ecological fabrics.

Fair fashion

Lavandera is designed and produced in Spain. The clothes are designed in San Sebastian and the clothing factories are based in Granada. All processes are followed to ensure that work is done in an honest and respectful manner and that the rights of the employees are respected.

Lavandera organic clothing

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