Sustainable clothing materials

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Organic linen

Linen is a fabric that is becoming more popular. And fortunately more and more people are choosing clothes made from organic linen! But what exactly is organic linen? And what are the benefits of organic linen? We would like to tell you that! 

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Modal and MicroModal

Modal is a relatively new material that is often used for clothing. Modal is becoming increasingly popular. It is a substance made from fibers of a beech tree. This has been done much longer, for the substance called viscose. Viscose is a substance made from natural raw materials, but the fibers are processed with chemical products which makes viscose non-ecological. But Modal is different. Because Modal is an ecological one! 

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Organic cotton

Organic cotton is a popular ecological material. Cotton is being used for years, clothing made of cotton feels comfortable, it is breathable and dries quickly. That is why so many clothes are made of cotton. But what exactly is organic cotton? And why is it important to choose organic cotton clothing? We are happy to tell you more about it. 

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Organic hemp

On you will also find clothing made from hemp. People often laugh when I tell them that. Because hemp is often confused with marijuana. But hemp deserves a place of honour in the list of materials used for textiles! Because hemp has many advantages, both for you as a carrier of clothing and for the environment.

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What is fair trade fashion?

Also, do you know what fair trade actually means?

You have probably heard of "fair trade". But what does fair trade exactly mean? Previously, you only found fair trade products in the world shop, but fortunately, more and more products are now fair trade. Including clothes! But why would you choose fair trade clothing? 

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