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Vegan fashion

People often think of veganism as a diet. That it is only about the food you eat. But veganism is so much more than that, it’s a lifestyle. Consciously choosing not to consume animal products and to prevent unnecessary exploitation of animals. This applies to everything you use in your daily life. This can be food but also make-up and it also applies to clothes. 

Why opt for vegan clothing? 

Every year millions of animals are used within the fashion industry. They are seen as a mere product, live in bad conditions and are treated without any respect. We often recognize when a piece of clothing is an animal product from the origin, but we do rarely think about the story behind. 

Take wool for example. It’s a wonderfully soft and comfortable fabric for us to wear and it keeps us warm and cosy, but the life of the sheep, goat or rabbit that supplied the wool can be a complete hell that they often have to endure for years (I'll spare you the details if you want more you can read it here or here )

This is the same with materials such as leather, suede, felt, bond, silk and fluff. As if that isn’t enough, there are also the less obvious or logical materials that could have an animal background. Such as glue for shoes and bags, dyes and ink, buttons or decoration, wax and products that have been tested on animals. Many of these cases may cause instability in natures balance and also in the long run extinction of animal species. It seems to have become a habit that we no longer see animals as a living existence but as products that we benefit from or otherwise ensure that we can, somehow, benefit from them. It is a pity that it’s so deeply engraved in our culture. 

After reading a lot about vegan clothing, I asked myself; Why exactly, do we still let animals suffer so that we can buy a nice t-shirt? For me, it is far from necessary and not at all worth it because there are many alternatives! 

What is vegan clothing? 

Vegan clothing is choosing not to participate in the speciesism market, and opt for alternative materials. Take our warm and soft wool, for example, the vegan and organic option would be cotton knitwear. And honestly, there is no difference. Just as soft and warm and completely animal-free. Certified organic cotton supports and protects the local communities. Other options can be bamboo, ModalCupro and hemp

Even for leather, there are more and more alternatives, leather made from plant-based products such as mushrooms, banana peels, pineapple pulp and even orange peels. Cork is also a great alternative. Recycled materials such as rubber also make fine leather. 

As creative as we humans are, there plenty more alternative fabric materials for a conscious and animal-free wardrobe which makes the animal suffering completely unnecessary. And of course, you don't have to be vegan to buy vegan clothing! 

Vegan clothing at MaeSue 

We, at Mae Sue, have a wide range of sustainable brands who offer vegan clothing. These brands are doing everything they can to minimize damage to our precious planet. You can select vegan clothes at the selection options. Not all clothing is vegan at Mae Sue. If there is wool used, it is organic wool, which ensures the well-being of the sheep and for the production, there are no pesticides used. Or it is deadstock or recycled wool, that the brands have given a second-life. We choose to still offer clothes made of wool, as it is very strong, high-quality natural material. We leave the choice up to you.

Written by Joyce