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What are Modal and MicroModal

Modal is a relatively new material that is often used for clothing. Modal is becoming increasingly popular because of its strength and soft touch. It is a fabric made from fibers of a beech tree. This is not new, because fibres of a beech tree are also used for the fabric viscose. Viscose is a fabric made from this natural raw material, but the fibers are processed with chemical products which makes viscose not ecological. But Modal is different. Because Modal is an ecological fabric! This is why:

Modal from Lenzing AG

The best known producer of Modal is Lenzing AG, a company from Austria. The Modal from Lenzing has a positive footprint. It is has no carbon emissions and takes up less land compared to cotton. Also, ten to twenty times less water is used in the production of Lenzing Modal than in the production of cotton.

The company has a "Closed Loop Process". They minimize wastewater and emissions. In the process, the by product sodium sulphate is generated which is recovered. This valuable chemical is afterwards used in the washing, glass and food industries. Read more about this at goodonyou.eco and Lenzing.com

How does Modal feel?

Modal is a very soft fabric, much softer than cotton. It is beautiful, absorbs moisture well, does not wrinkle, is flexible and it is breathable. The fabric dries quickly and does not lose its shape. That sounds perfect right? :)

What is Micromodal®?

Another type of Modal which is also produced by Lenzing AG is MicroModal®. MicroModal® is 100% natural, super soft and has a very high moisture-absorbing capacity. The production process of MicroModal® is also ecological. The beech wood that is used comes from sustainable beech tree nurseries. The cellulose fiber is completely biodegradable. During production, water is saved and MicroModal's production process is environmentally friendly through the saving of water and energy and the recovery of the resources used during the production of the fibers. MicroModal® has the EU Ecolabel. 

What is the difference between Modal and MicroModal®? 

MicroModal® is made from finer fibers than Modal, making the fabric even lighter and softer than Modal. MicroModal® is a super fine fabric with all the features of Modal, but that feels even softer. On MaeSue.com we have different clothes made of this beautiful ecological material.  

How can you wash Modal?

Modal can best be washed at 30 degrees celcius. The fabric does not wrinkle much, but if you want to, you can iron or steam clothing from Modal. Always read the washing instructions in the clothes itself to be sure of how you can best wash the piece of clothing.