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What are Tencel ™ and Lyocell?

When you are not new on the sustainable fashion market you must have heard from Tencel or Lyocell before. Both names are used, but they actually mean the same thing.  It is a fabric made from wood pulp that is treated with a non-toxic solvent. The outcome of a totally ecological process is organic fibres that are used to make Tencel/Lyocell. It is a certified compostable and biodegradable fabric.

Tencel ™ Lyocell from Lenzing AG

The best-known producer of Tencel ™ Lyocell is Lenzing AG, a company from Austria. The Tencel ™ Lyocell from Lenzing has a positive footprint. It has no carbon emissions and takes up less land compared to cotton. In the production of Lenzing Tencel ™ Lyocell there is also ten to twenty times less water used than in the production of cotton. .Read more about this at Tencel.com and Lenzing.com .

Tencel Lyocell

Lenzing photo credit

The company has a "Closed Loop Process". They minimize wastewater and emissions. In the process, the by-product sodium sulfate is generated which is recovered. This valuable chemical is afterwards used in washing, glass and food industries. Read more about this at Tencel.com and Lenzing.com.

Tencel Lyocell

How does Tencel ™ Lyocell feel?

Highly resistant, this tissue is naturally hypoallergenic. It does not crease easily and can be ironed. It also has a high moisture absorption capacity and a very pleasant soft touch. Just like Modal or Cupro, which have the same specificities.