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Wild Fawn

Wild Fawn is an ethical jewellery brand based in London. Emma Barnes is the founder of the brand, she designs and creates the jewellery which has a minimalist and timeless look that adapts perfectly to any style. You can wear these pieces all the years the come.

Emma Barnes: "With a background in anthropology, I know how important it is to know where and how the materials are obtained and how people and cultures can be negatively affected by the extraction of silver and gold. This is why I use recycled silver and Fairtrade gold to make the jewellery."


Sustainable materials

Silver and gold are beautiful strong materials that last for years. Emma is a registered Fairtrade gold user, which means that the gold she uses to make each jewel is produced in a fair and transparent way. All the silver used for the jewellery is recycled.

Ethical jewellery

The jewellery is handmade in London. This way Emma can ensure that the production takes place in an ethical way. You can see that each piece is made by hand, because they are not all 100% identical.

Ethical jewellery

Ethical jewellery /// Recycled silver/// Sustainable materials