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At MaeSue.com you find a collection of different fair trade trousers and sustainable shorts. There are trousers and shorts for different occasions. One of the new favourites are the corduroy pants of Thinking Mu. These trousers are inspired by Thai pants and have a very comfortable fit. You can wear them in two different ways. Buy fair trade trousers and shorts online at MaeSue.com.

Fairtrade trousers and sustainable shorts

At MaeSue.com I sell a collection of 8 different European brands that all produce according to fair trade rules and make clothes of ecological materials. The trousers and shorts for sale at MaeSue.com are from the ethical brands Thinking Mu and Know The Origin. No sorry, that's not true, its leggings of Know The Origin that is also categorized in this category. ;) These leggings are made of the sustainable material MicroModal and fair trade produced in India. They are supercomfortable!

Trousers and shorts made of ecological materials

All the trousers and shorts at MaeSue.com are made of ecological materials. One of the most popular ecological materials stays organic cotton. Organic cotton is grown without the use of toxic pesticides and chemical fertilizers. It is important to choose for organic cotton because at the moment about 25 per cent of the pesticides used around the world is used for cotton. The leggings that are in the collection at the moment are made of MicroModal, another beautiful ecological material that is comfortable and soft. 

Buy organic trousers and shorts online at MaeSue.com

You can buy organic trousers and shorts online at MaeSue.com. This is the collection for now, and every half a year there will be new pieces added. Do you miss a certain style, colour our size in the collection? Then let me know! I’m always happy to hear your feedback. Which pair of organic trousers or shorts will soon be hanging in your closet?