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People Tree

People tree is a British sustainable and conscious fashion label founded in 1991 by Safia Minney. It was the first fashion label to receive the World Fair Trade Organizations’ product mark back in 2013. Meaning that every process used, every part of the products supply chain has to meet the fair trade requirements (read more about fair trade here). This is highly important in able to deliver products that respect the people and workers involved. They are an inspiration for many other ethical fashion brands.  Besides their ethical impact, People Tree meets the Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) certified by The Soil Association, complimenting the fundamentals of Fair Trade (read more about GOTS here).

GOTS certified

All the fabrics People Tree uses, like organic wool, organic cotton, organic cotton denim, brushed velvet and TENCEL™Lyocell, are GOTS certified protecting the farmers as well as their environment and supports the communities. Fabrics such as TENCEL™Lyocell and wool are coming from GOTS certified factories in Portugal and Italy, whereas the denim is made in a GOTS and FWF certified factory In Turkey. This makes People Tree a great innovative example in the fashion industry! 

It's all in the details

Now that we know a bit about what People Tree stands for… Let’s go even more in detail!Their designs are described as relaxed, versatile, contemporary and feminine with a passion for playful prints. Using handcrafts like embroidery, knitting, printing, weaving and jewellery fabrication as well as the use of organic fabrics, they deliver gorgeous high-quality products. All coming from producers and artisans in rural areas from India, Nepal and Bangladesh who are supported, encouraged and promoted to their wonderful and traditional craftsmanship. This way People Tree gives jobs and opportunities, together with the factories, to individuals with a disadvantage and bring economic independence and a better livelihood into their lives. Ignoring the fast-phased fashion industry and admiring the skills of the people instead!

Full transparancy

With full transparency, People Tree is definitely a label to check out and learn more about. It's quite wonderful how they’ve thought about every detail. From the organic farms where no harmful pesticides are used to sustainable and renewable fabrics, low impact dyes and no harmful azo chemicals. People Tree inspires, aspires, has a huge positive impact on everything around us and manages to deliver alluring, elegant and fun apparel. I am fan! What about you? Check out our People Tree collection here!