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Thinking Mu

Thinking Mu is one of our Spanish ethical fashion brands. It's a really cool and cheerful brand with a distinctive style. Crazy prints, lots of color and loose cuts. Thinking Mu is also not afraid to share their opinions in the form of funny prints. One of their favorite quotes is: "Save the Humans!".

Pepe from Thinking Mu: "Sustainable clothing is too often linked to types who eat quinoa and do yoga all day long. We also want to make durable clothes for those who are cruising through the city with their skateboard. We do not want to be put in the 'sustainable' box, we just want to make great fashion. That fashion is sustainable, that is self-evident."

Ethical fashion brands

Thinking Mu has been working with the same people in India for years. Thanks to their good relationship, Thinking Mu is certain that the factory is working in a fair way. There is no question of child labor, forced labor or bizarre working hours. Employees work in a safe environment and receive a fair salary. All the people involved in the production of the raw materials such as cotton and hemp work according to the Fair Trade rules.

Sustainable fashion

Thinking Mu continues to look for new ecological materials. For example, they work with hemp, recycled polyester and banana dust! The most important material for their collection however is still GOTS cotton. This cotton has been produced without the use of pesticides. All fabrics are dyed with natural dyes that aren't harmful to the environment. Furthermore, as much water as possible is saved in the production process and the labels are made from leftover fabric. 

Thinking Mu ethical fashion brand

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