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Sustainable fashion in Leiden

Sustainable fashion in Leiden

All around the Netherlands, there are more and more places where you can buy sustainable and fair-trade fashion. This is amazing! This is also the case in Leiden, where you can now find a part of the Mae Sue collection in the concept store Collectiv. by Swan. But Leiden has more nice boutiques where you can buy sustainable fashion. I have listed them for you.

Mae Sue at Collectiv. by Swan in Leiden

Collectiv. by Swan is a concept store run by various small entrepreneurs. Everyone has their own corner and the entrepreneurs are also present in the store. You can find lots of great finds here. Including now the sustainable collection of Mae Sue! Both a part of the women's and men's collection can be found in the store. The rack is placed directly opposite the cash register.

You find Collectiv. by Swan on the Breestraat 109.

Art & Casey

This clothing store has several locations in South Holland, including one in Leiden, on the corner of the Breestraat. If you don't like standard clohting, then Art & Casey is the store for you. The style is colorful and different than usual. No minimalist style, but quirky items. Part of the collection is sustainable. You will find sustainable brands such as Komodo, Lanius and Thought. Art & Casey also has larger sizes in the collection.

Maarsmansteeg 23

The Earth Collection

This small store has a complete sustainable collection. You will find brands such as Thought, Linara and Mud Jeans. To be honest, the collection has a bit of an old hippie style. ;) Also take the opening hours into account because he Earth Collection is only open on Friday and Saturday.

Langebrug 43


EDUARD is a nice concept store where you can find accessories as well as interior items and clothing. The concept: all products are of good quality, made with care for people and the environment. Completely sustainable! And they have real gems in the store. Such as the handmade bags from the Frrry brand and the handmade jewelry from Anne Black. Many brands come from Denmark therefore the style is mainly Scandinavian.

Hooglandse Kerkgracht 6


Another nice concept store is MEI. In this charming shop, you will find a mix of vintage treasures, home accessories from exotic places and other fair trade items that will make you happy. The materials are not all sustainable, but everything is fair trade. A super nice shop where you can find unique gifts for yourself and others.

Pieterskerk-Choorsteeg 18

WOW duurzaam design

Another great concept store! WOW mainly selects young talent and small Dutch and Belgian labels. Everything you can buy in this store is made from sustainable materials. Also, they are not mass made products. Only a few pieces were made of everything you find here.

Breestraat 116

Second-hand and vintage

Second-hand and vintage clothing is also a sustainable choice! Because new clothing does not always have to be new. The great thing about second-hand clothing is that you often have a unique item of clothing. These are nice addresses in Leiden:

Flamingo Fashion

Flamingo Fashion selects the most beautiful vintage and second-hand clothing and accessories.

Vrouwensteeg 9


Hartendief is another nice second-hand clothing store. The employees are happy to give you advice in the pleasant store. It is also possible to bring clothing here to be sold.

Breestraat 171

Leuke Zaak

This cozy store is run by mother and daughter. You can also bring your clothing for consignment to Leuke Zaak.

Nieuwe Rijn 17

Rusty Zipper

Rusty Zipper is an cute store with a wide selection of second-hand women's and children's clothing.

Pieterskerk-Choorsteeg 30

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